Jenn Whinnem

Get some of this Rumpelstiltskin gold without giving up your firstborn.


You: You’re in charge of an in-house marketing team or advertising agency, and your clients need language as unforgettable as their ideas.

You need to deliver killer copy. But you also need a communications plan, a messaging platform, and brand guidelines.

Maybe you’re groaning as you’re imagining having to hunt down a senior marketing strategist, branding expert, and copywriter.

Why do that when you can have it all? Right here. Without the hassle of trying to communicate with 5 different people. (And also pay them upwards of $200,000).

Get what you NEED. An A+++ writer with a secret formula developed and honed over 14 years.

When you hire me, you get my OBSESSION ELEVEN framework that turns ordinary word hay into bewitching word gold.



You also get...

  • Brains

  • Wit

  • High-performing copy for your

    • Websites

    • Blog posts

    • Sales pages

  • Marketing strategy

  • Brand guidelines

What can I help you with?


Allow me to use a tennis analogy...

Obsession SESSION

I’ll watch your tennis game and give you pointers on your serve.



I’ll get on the court with you and show you a good backhand.


Obsession Writing

I’ll play the match for you while you relax in the bleachers.


Endless Obsessions

Reserve me every month to be your personal Rafael Nadal.


#1: Obsession Session

Your Situation

You’ve got copy on the page (and maybe you’ve even worked with copywriters in the past) but something still doesn’t feel right. You’d like a second opinion and fresh perspective on what needs improvement.

Solution: Obsession Session

You send over what you’ve got, I’ll read it (and read it again...and again) and then we’ll meet on video to go over: What’s working? What’s not? How can we crank this copy up to 11, my friend?

I’m booking now! LEARN MORE HERE.

Obsession Session fee
An Obsession Session is $297 per page.

Is this the right obsession for you?

Read about the Obsession Session right here.

#2: Obsession Rewriting

Your Situation

You’ve got this website / sales page / eBook / blog / something else and words just aren’t coming out right. You know the writing could be more captivating, more exciting, more interesting, more brilliant...but you are at a loss for words. You need someone to come in and help spin your words into gold.

Solution: Obsession Rewriting

You send over what you’ve got, and I’ll hand-edit all of your copy applying the Obsession Eleven framework to clarify, rephrase and polish your language from Ford to Ferrari. The writing will be dramatically crisper, more alluring, interesting, and fresh.

Rewriting Fee

Starts at $1497.

Is this the right obsession for you?

Send me a note to find out.

#3: Obsession Writing

Your Situation

You’re starting from scratch. You need to write a website, sales page, eBook, blog, or something else - but you have no idea what to write. You want to hire a writer you trust to create something fresh, smart, and catchy.

The Solution: Obsession Copy

I’ll ghostwrite it for you. To do this, we’ll work together in 3 phases: the information collection stage, the writing stage, and the editing stage.


✔ Information collection.  I interview you over the phone, read through any past materials, and gain a thorough understanding of what your goals are and how I can help you accomplish them.

✔ The writing stage. I dig in behind the scenes, putting my brain to work on your behalf, and craft language designed to create an obsession.

✔ The editing stage. Once drafts are done, we move into the editing stage, during which we’ll correspond back and forth to tweak, refine, polish and perfect.


Given the profound nature of this work, I’m only able work with a very limited number of clients each month. This service is best reserved at least one month in advance, though occasional last-minute opportunities do arise. I'm currently booking in February 2019.


As outlined above, four full weeks are required from start to finish, independent of project size. One month is billed at a rate of $3,997.

Is this the right obsession for you?

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#4: Endless Obsessions

(The Retainer)

Your Situation

You have a lot of ongoing needs, little things and big things alike. You can’t wait until next availability, because you’re *always* needing something, and you don’t want the hassle of having to hire, and re-hire, and re-hire folks to fill these needs. On the same token, you aren’t in a position to bring on a full-time employee, either.

The Solution: Obsession Retainer

I’ll reserve one half-day block of time for you each week, and you can send me your deliverables on an as-needed basis, for an extended period of time. You won’t have to wait in line, and my availability is guaranteed. Effectively I’ll become a trusted member of your team: someone you can count on to make your language dazzle and delight, stealing all the eyeballs in the room.


The investment is as follows:

3 month retainer: $2,997 / month ($1,000 / month discount from standard month rate)

6 month retainer: $2,497 / month ($1,500 / month discount from standard month rate)

12 month retainer: $1,997 / month ($2,000 / month discount from standard month rate)

Is this the right obsession for you?

Send me a note to find out.