Jenn Whinnem

Eleven tests.
Eleven principles.
Eleven ways to make your ideas sell and your words wow.


What’s the difference between copy that makes people’s eyes glaze right over, and copy that makes people instantaneously, feverishly obsessed?

Well, there are a lot of differences. Eleven, in fact.

Eleven time-tested principles that will help your clients and customers FEEL something when they read your words, which is the #1 secret of writing compelling, interesting copy that sells: making people feel.

That’s why average, everyday “content” is never enough, because most content isn’t doing its job. It’s just sitting there like a lump on a log. (Which is hilariously my favorite imagery.)

On the contrary, when you can organize and present your ideas in such a way so that people feel something, chemicals are actually released into their brain, and your sales go up.

Which chemicals? Specifically oxytocin and cortisol. And when you can create that sweet cocktail mix in your client’s brain, four things happen:

  1. They feel more open to your message.

  2. They’re more likely to trust you.

  3. They’ll feel more generous.

  4. They’re also more likely to find you memorable, too.

All positive triggers that will help you get the YES...without having to resort to begging, bribery or beat downs.

*Did somebody say cocktail?

Jenn Whinnem

I’m Jenn Whinnem, Founder & Creative Director of OBSESSION ELEVEN.

I’ve been writing stories my whole life, starting with a real gem about a childhood incident involving a daddy long legs in my bed. It was quite the page-turner. (It was only one page.)

My obsession (*get it?*) with words led me to pursue a poetry major at Sarah Lawrence College, where I studied under writers like Jean Valentine and Kate Johnson — and yes, I’m absolutely telling you that to impress you.

But the truth is, my writing didn’t come into its own until I met the Internet, and fell in love. (Three cheers for an Internet-free childhood.)

Because creative storytelling is only half of the Jenn puzzle—the other half is made of cheese. JUST KIDDING.



In non-fairy-tale terms: I translate complex, highly technical concepts (think information technology, psychotherapy technique, legalese, pharmaceutical R&D, SaaS, healthcare policy, etc.) into clear, easy-to-understand copy that—hey!—is actually fun to read.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for over 14 years. I’ve worked with companies like Pfizer, Dun & Bradstreet, Planned Parenthood, CRIX International, and The Connecticut Health Foundation, teasing out what the reader needs and wants, imposing order on unwieldy topics, and creating a straight line of communication between you and your customers.

I can spin pretty much any subject matter into engaging, effective writing that does its job. Except sports. (Hate sports, love cheese. This is basically all you need to know about me.)

Because when your copy is doing its job, you shouldn’t have to do any hard-selling.

It should feel exciting for your clients and customers to interact with you, and learn about you, and consider doing business with you. Which is precisely why I developed OBSESSION ELEVEN—a proven process that takes any product, service, business or idea, and uses the power of the eleven principles to transform that copy into something people LOVE to read—and buy.

What are those eleven principles? I’d prefer not to announce it over the Internet, since it’s part of my secret cocktail sauce and all. So, get in touch and I'll give you the scoop.


Or, check out some ultra exciting case studies on businesses that have applied the OBSESSION ELEVEN methodology, or click here to view a list of done-for-you services so you don’t have to worry about your words ever again.

Jenn Whinnem

Other Fun Facts About Me (These Will Be On the Test)

  • I was only at Sarah Lawrence for one year although I talk about it enough you'd think I was there for ten. The most important lesson I learned there? For every 15-minute critique, the first 10 minutes are spent on praise.

  • Finding 10 minutes worth of nice things to say about a little piece of writing is harder than a wedge of Chhurpi cheese—but that’s the reason my clients feel safe sharing their work with me. They trust me because they know I’m not going to hand back a paper dripping with angry red pen, with SEE ME! slashed across the top. (Shudder.)

  • I still read lots of poetry, and not in a pretentious way, either. If there was one collection I wish everybody would read, Walking to Martha’s Vineyard by Franz Wright is a good place to start.

  • One of the things I love most about my job is learning about alllll the things. Like, IKEA kitchen designs. Or an IT platform that could streamline the process of conducting clinical research trials. Or how the Connecticut Health Board leveraged the Affordable Care Act to increase health equity for people of color. I’ve also ghostwritten two books (plus about a million blog posts) about Internal Family Systems, and worked on website copy for a creative writing coach. Me = versatile.

  • I did a 6-month cheese internship at Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro because I love learning + I love cheese. We’ve already covered the cheese thing, I think.

  • I have the loudest, nerdiest laugh. EVER. You think I’m exaggerating? Wait ‘til you hear it.