Give me one hour and one page of your copy and I’ll show you how to crank it up to 11

If you’re here, you don’t need me to tell you how important good copy is.

You already know, because...

    You’ve been laboring over the same page copy for days now (maybe even weeks; you’re a busy person!).

    Nobody’s reading your blog posts (and you have the Google Analytics data to prove it, ouch).

    Your admin is fielding calls asking “So what is it that you actually do?” on the regular (which is hard because let's face it, your admin is probably you).

You don’t need me to tell you that those situations suck.

Instead, what you do need someone to tell you is:

  • If your copy is, in fact, any good
  • Specific instructions on how to make your copy better
  • Creative ideas for how to make an emotional connection with your reader

That’s where the Obsession Session comes in.

One hour. One page of copy.



✓ What’s working

✗ What’s not working

✓ What to start doing

✗ What to stop doing

But the really exciting part?

You’ll get to watch while I show you, step-by-step, exactly how I would engineer 3-5 of your sentences to be crisper, more alluring, interesting, and fresh.

So not only will you have some concrete'll find out how to DIY going forward.


Because you don’t have to agonize over your writing when you understand exactly how to do it.


What’s inside the Obsession Session

(Disclaimer: Let’s be real..this will take me more than an hour! But “one hour, one page” was just so sexy.)


Step #1: Prep Work

I’ll review your existing page copy as well as your answers to a questionnaire (which you’ll receive after your purchase is complete).

I’ll make notes and put together my suggestions to review on our call.



Step #2: Zoom Call (30 minutes)

We’ll get together on a video chat and I’ll:

  • Go over my analysis of your page’s strategy -  making sure the words + sentences you’re using convey the right information in an interesting way;

  • Show you in real time how I would perfect your sentences - so you understand how to do it for yourself in the future;

  • Collaborate on ideas for how to creatively talk about your business - so you sound different from your competition.



Step #3: Post-Op

After our call, I’ll spend dedicated time writing you an email that captures my suggestions and our conversation and ideas.

No downloadables, no PDFs - just the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to turn your copy all the way up to 11.


The Obsession Session is yours for the scheduling for an investment of $297.

Is the Obsession Session right for you?

This isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t have a completed draft. Straight-up writing is not included in the Obsession Session. (But find me when you do have that draft!)

  • You really, really HATE being edited, or when people change your words.

  • You’re not open to new ways to talk about your business, or not open to hearing about how copywriting best practices have evolved.

  • You really want to DIY your own copy, but you’re not sure you have the time to really make it shine.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve written and rewritten your draft so many times you’re not sure if it’s in English anymore…never mind if it’s worth reading.

  • You have a bomb-ass business but when you write about it, it all sounds the same as everyone else in your industry.

  • You spend so much time writing as part of your content marketing strategy, you almost run out of time to do your actual job.

  • You want to DIY your copy, you just need some pointers.


I'm Jenn Whinnem. Allow myself to introduce...myself.*

—As Creative Director of Obsession Eleven, I use my secret copywriting formula I developed and honed over 14 years for my clients.

—Big companies like Pfizer and Dun & Bradstreet have hired me to write for them.

—For 4 years I was a copywriter for a boutique Swedish marketing agency where I wrote about financial regulations in the EU, leadership coaching, and IKEA kitchens, among other things.

—And I’ve been pleased to partner with 3 other marketing and interactive design agencies for their copy needs, too.

*If you know this reference...let's be friends.

But don’t take my word for it….

Steve Jordan.png

“Jenn is someone I turn to when I know my success depends on someone I can trust telling me what I need to hear, not what I'm hoping someone will tell me. As a consultant myself, I know how hard it can be to deliver uncomfortable but necessary truths to clients. There is an art to building the kind of trust and partnership required and Jenn has truly become a master. Working with Jenn is so rewarding and I always come away from our engagements not just with better copy and a stronger brand, but wiser and more optimistic about what I can achieve.” —Steve Jordan, Founder, In-Depth Innovation


“Jenn has this uncanny knack of improving your writing while still honoring your unique voice. I know, because she’s done it for me! and my clients!

Her process of asking questions, demanding clarity, and pushing the boundaries brings to the surface what your inner badass is really trying to say.” —Michelle Markwart Deveaux,

mike mongillo2.jpg

“I hired Jenn to write some wordy copy for me and she nailed it. She provided the exact tone I was after with a style and pace that resulted in the desired brevity. Jenn has no ego and is easy to work with. Highly recommended.” —Mike Mongillo, Mean Time Productions.

Lynne Somerman.jpg

“Working with Jenn has done more than give me great copy—it’s actually taught me how to write better copy, myself. Jenn just has a way of culling the clutter and polishing what was hiding underneath all along that you may not have even known about yourself. She once helped me rewrite a proposal and ask for 5x as much as I had originally planned to ask for, and my client said yes with no hesitation.” —Lynne Somerman, Lynne Somerman Financial Coaching.

Angie Sorenson

“Jenn isn’t just amazing with words—she’s a wizard with them. But I go to her because she is sharper than most and sees things most overlook. I do all of my own writing, but lately I’ve turned to Jenn for anything where I’ve needed to up my game: selling a new offering, corporate communications, and more.

I don’t want to say she’s well-rounded, because that implies she has a surface-level understanding when she’s in actual fact an expert on most topics.

I trust that Jenn has my best intentions at heart. Also, she’s funny, which for my brand is of utmost importance.” —Angie S.,


Are you ready to crank your copy up to an 11? it all begins with this beautiful button right here.