The Obsession Mastermind

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A brand-new, 3-month program that teaches you, step-by-step, how to write magnetic, irresistible copy for your own website that sells, sells, sells—even if you’re “not really a writer.”


You’re ready to kick some serious business a$$ in 2019...but there’s just one problem:

You’re pretty sure your website copy isn’t up to the job.

(Nah, scratch that. Let’s be honest because #resolutions.)
Your website copy is definitely not ready, because you’re trapped in one of these scenarios:
  1. You have copy on your website, and you hate it more than Mr. T hates flying...but you don’t know how to get yourself on that plane.
  2. You’ve written some new copy!...but it’s buried in Google docs you haven’t opened in 4 months because you have zero idea what to do with it next.
  3. Or, your copy is hiding in your head...because writing it down feels totally overwhelming and cringeworthy.

Now guess what - scenarios #2 and #3? They don’t count...because your customer can’t see them!

Your customer can only see whatever copy you have on your website. Right. Now.

Your customer is deciding who you are, what business you’re in, and why they should choose you...based on that copy.

So tell me: is your website copy ready to help you kick a$$ in 2019?


The cold, hard reality of marketing on the internet is: your website copy can mean the difference between business, or death.

Great copy is not a luxury. It’s not a “nice-to-have.” It’s NOT optional.

What makes me so sure? For online-only businesses it’s a bit of a no-brainer, isn’t it. But if you provide products or services face-to-face, don’t be fooled into thinking your website can kick back and relax. Mr T pities the fool who doesn’t have her facts:

  • 96% of online shoppers search for local businesses online.

  • 72% of millennials research a business online before ever setting foot in a store.

  • 63% of consumers use websites to find or engage with businesses

To meet your financial targets in 2019, you absolutely positively must have sharp, witty, smart, and intriguing copy—because without it, you’ll struggle to convert those website visitors into paying clients.

If you can’t elegantly explain what-in-the-hootenanny your business doeson your website, no lessyou’ll struggle in 2019 to kick business a$$.

(And you can forget about kicking a$$$$$$$$$).

Because your clients can’t choose you if you don’t tell them why they should.



"Why can I TALK about what I do, but not WRITE about what I do?"

How many times have I heard that from my clients? Definitely eleventy billion if you include these variations:

  • “I hate writing about myself and/or my business.”
  • “I never know what to say on my website.”
  • “I cringe so hard when I read my writing, I get a cramp in my face.”

But what if:

❤️ What if you knew how to talk (and write) about your business in a way that felt good to you and made your clients say, “Shut up and take my money!”

❤️ What if you knew precisely how to engineer your words so your clients want to buy, buy, buy (even before that first sales call)?

❤️ What if you understood how to write effective copy so you could do it yourself with confidence (and not spend $$$$ with some copywriter broad with an attitude?)

Would you…

❤️❤️ Sell more (and give your bottom line a little big thrill)?

❤️❤️ Feel great talking about yourself (because you know exactly what to say and what they need to hear)?

❤️❤️ Find more of the clients you adore working with (so you can finally let go of the ones who treat you like a servant, not an expert)?

Yes, yes, and YES!


The Obsession Mastermind is the only copywriting course you’ll actually finish...because I’ve added a secret ingredient


The Obsession Mastermind is my love letter to the talented entrepreneurs of the world who want to learn how to write copy for themselves and then actually do it.

Why do so many smart people buy online courses and never finish—even though they’re driven to succeed in their business? I have a hypothesis:

  • We get bored, because listening to the course creator is such a snooz(zzz)efest.

  • We get stuck, and there’s nobody to help us get un-stuck.

  • We get swept away by the competing priorities of doing our jobs, making sure our kids don’t play too much Fortnite, and/or succumbing to our own Fortnite addiction.


The cure for the common course is a mastermind.


Masterclass + Mastermind = Writing Success

The Obsession Mastermind combines 3 live masterclasses with 3 live mastermind sessions. So not only do you learn how to’re accountable to a small group of people for doing the work.

Because the Obsession Mastermind is a real mastermind, it has these ingredients:

✓ They’re small and dare I say, intimate. The Obsession Mastermind will only have 4 people (plus me).

✓ They’re facilitated, so we give and receive the feedback we need. My responsibility to you is to foster a culture of openness, generosity, and accountability.

✓ They’re goal-focused. No group therapy in the Obsession Mastermind, each mastermind ends with goal-setting and begins with checking in on the status of previous goals.


Because here’s the thing: there are few things in business as vulnerable as asking for and receiving feedback.

And for writing, doubly so.

I don’t care who you are, if you’ve ever had your writing edited—whether it be for a guest blog, online news outlet, or a superior—this has happened at least 3 times:

👎 Rude, curt comments in the key of “Get to the point” or “This makes no sense” or “Boring.”

👎 Smug, holier-than-thou attention to grammatical and spelling errors.

👎 Mansplaining, full stop.

And it’s not that you’re “sensitive.” Even the most jaded writers have experienced that sinking feeling when getting this kind of feedback.

It’s not that your writing sucks; it’s that their feedback sucks. GOOD feedback is actionable and useful.

As a trained writer, I give you permission to say “thank u, next” when dealing with rude editors.

thank u next.gif

 NONE of that bullshit is allowed in the Obsession Mastermind.


This is what’s inside the Obsession Eleven Mastermind

✔️ 4 people + me.

✔️ 3 months = 3 masterclasses + 3 mastermind sessions.

✔️ And...2 private coaching sessions with me for 90-minutes each.

✔️ 1 page of finalized, polished copy (or more. It depends on you!)

Four people. Not everyone gets to join the Obsession Mastermind. I am hand-selecting participants to create the right chemistry for your cohort.

Three masterclasses. For each of the 3 months, I’ll host a live, 2-hour masterclass via Zoom where I teach you a specific set of essential skills and best practices for copywriting that converts. The masterclass includes a Q&A period where you can ask me anything. And then we’ll agree on our homework.

Three masterminds. Two weeks after the masterclass, we’ll have our 2-hour mastermind via Zoom. All 4 of us will come together to share our homework, and insights and issues we ran into. You and the others will take turns sitting in the hotseat, where you ask a specific question of the group about your homework and the copy you’re writing.

Two, 90-minute private coaching sessions with yours truly. Before the Obsession Mastermind begins, you will have your first 90-minute private coaching session with me. You’ll tell me all about you and your business goals for 2019, your goals for the Mastermind, how you prefer to receive feedback, and more. After the first session you will be prepared for the Mastermind—and eager to get started.

The second coaching session will take place at the end of the Mastermind. This is where we will finalize your copy so it’s red-carpet ready.

One page (or more) of finalized copy. I can guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one page of finalized copy for your website. Whether or not you write more pages is up to you: how much time you put in.

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Masterclass Details

Obsession Eleven Pillar #1: Strategy

(April 2019)

Masterclass #1: Strategy

You can’t write bewitching word gold until you’ve figured out the strategic components of your business. This masterclass will teach you how to find your unique value proposition—which is just a fancy way of saying you’ll find “how you’re different from the rest.” You’ll also get a crash course in developing a target brand persona (or ideal client avatar, if you prefer).

Your homework after this class is to go forth and apply what you’ve learned. And that’s when the difficult part begins—because you’ll have to force yourself to be honest about how and why you are excellent, which can lead to a raging case of Impostor Syndrome. When you start to think about your target brand persona and why they want you, you’ll have to get deep into their life, emotions, and how they feel about hiring someone like you.

But this is where the next mastermind session will give you the support you need to continue this soul-searching work. All 4 of you (plus me!) will be there to encourage you, offer solutions to problems, and hold you accountable for seeing the work through.

Obsession Eleven Pillar #2: Substance

(May 2019)

Masterclass #2: Substance

Now you know who you are and who your customer is. Now it’s time to choose the page you want to write and figure out what information your customer needs before they can take action. That’s another thing to figure out: what action you want them to take on this page.

This masterclass will teach you how to identify what information you need, where it goes—and most importantly—how this page fits into the funnel you have on your website.

Then we meet again in 2 weeks for our mastermind session, where we’ll regroup and again commit to goals.

Obsession Eleven Pillar #3: Style

(June 2019)

Masterclass #3: Style

Our final masterclass is the big pay-off: how to write with style and create an obsession-worthy brand that becomes a fount of money for your business.

This is the class where everything comes together. Everything you learned about your business, your customer, and the facts of your business—are all there, just waiting for you to unleash your creativity on them. The result will be copy that delights your clients, makes them like and trust you, and like they’re in good hands. They simply won’t be able to wait to buy from you.

The class will, as always, be followed up by a mastermind session to support the work we’re doing and the journey we’ve been on.

 Is the Obsession Mastermind right for you?


It is right for you if:

  • You want your customers and clients to shout “Shut up and take my money!” so loud, you can hear them in Atlanta even if you’re in Augusta (or Atlantic City! Dream big)

  • Your financial targets for 2019 are ambitious, and you refuse to fail

  • You enjoy learning new skills by doing

  • You want to learn how to do this for yourself so you don’t need me anymore

  • You believe “two heads (or four) are better than one”

It is not right for you if:

  • You’re not interested in receiving feedback on your writing

  • You already know everything there is to know about writing copy

  • You can’t commit to making at least 5 of the 6 meetings

  • You don’t have a reliable high-speed internet connection

  • You refuse to appear on camera

  • You enjoy butchering other people’s writing

  • You hate swearing and surprising yet useful analogies


 What does the Obsession Mastermind cost?

The Obsession Mastermind will be $2997 USD.

Want the early bird rate for the next OMM? Get on the waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when the rate (and code) are available.


Who the hell is Jenn Whinnem and why should you listen to her anyway?


Hi, I’m Jenn Whinnem, Creative Director of Obsession Eleven.

This is the list to show your Chief Financial Officer and/or bookkeeper to justify buying the Obsession Mastermind:

  • I have 13+ years in copywriting and marketing for companies like Pfizer, Dun & Bradstreet, and Honeywell, as well as other clients whose names I can’t give you because I’m under NDA. (Who’s fancy now?)

  • Three years ago, I rewrote 5 pages of website copy for a client who doubled their revenue in one month’s time. (How’s that for ROI?)

  • Two years ago, I wrote a sex advice column that helped a client increase their Google Ad Revenue by 63% (Under a nom-de-plume, of course!)


But this is why YOU want to work with ME in a mastermind.

I attended Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY (for only one year—thanks for screwing up my financial aid, guys).

For writing POETRY of all things.

As a trained poet, I know how to:

  • Evoke powerful emotions in as few words as possible—which is oh-so-important in these attention-starved times (sales pages like this are a different animal, my friend).
  • Arrange and stack up the words at the sentence, paragraph, and page levels—carefully engineering every word and response.
  • Focus relentlessly (obsessively?) on meaning—I prioritize making sense and being clear over congratulating myself on how clever I am.

I learned all of these skills in poetry workshop—which was essentially a mastermind.

And the rule in poetry workshop was: if we spent 15 minutes workshopping your poem, we had to spend at least 10 minutes talking about what worked before we were ever allowed to talk about what could be better.

It was hard. It was the equivalent of the CrossFit burpee.
But my muscles for teaching writing are ROCK HARD (flex, flex).
RKA Headshot.jpg
Lynne Somerman.jpg

"Jenn is a masterful copywriter. There's not a challenge I can throw at her -- a website, a blog post, an email sequence, an ad, speaking pitch, that she doesn't knock out of the park. I trust all my clients with her and know if I have her on a project, my clients will see more traffic, better engagement, and higher conversions. 10 out 10 recommend." —Rachael Kay Albers,

“Jenn has this uncanny knack of improving your writing while still honoring your unique voice. I know, because she’s done it for me! and my clients!

Her process of asking questions, demanding clarity, and pushing the boundaries brings to the surface what your inner badass is really trying to say.” —Michelle Markwart Deveaux,

“Working with Jenn has done more than give me great copy—it’s actually taught me how to write better copy, myself. Jenn just has a way of culling the clutter and polishing what was hiding underneath all along that you may not have even known about yourself. She once helped me rewrite a proposal and ask for 5x as much as I had originally planned to ask for, and my client said yes with no hesitation.” —Lynne Somerman, Lynne Somerman Financial Coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is my business too mature for the Obsession Mastermind?

Actually, the Obsession Mastermind is for mature (and mature-ish) businesses, especially if they’re launching something new, experiencing growing pains, or undergoing a re-brand.

Newer businesses are not a good fit for the Obsession Mastermind, because getting off the ground is a huge project in and of itself.

+ Can I leave the Obsession Mastermind? Do you offer refunds?

The Obsession Mastermind has a Hotel California policy: once you’re in, you’re in. You cannot leave. Which is why there are no refunds, for any reason.

It sounds Draconian, and it is, because: the power and the chemistry of the group relies on all of the minds being together for each meeting. Losing a member of the group will have a deep impact on your fellow group members, and affect their ability to achieve their goals.

If you believe you can’t make all of the meetings, you are a lovely person, and you should consider this at a time when your schedule is freer.

tl;dr Don’t apply to join unless it feels like a great fit for you—no hard feelings whatsoever.

+ What if I need to miss a meeting?

Availability to attend all of the meetings is a requirement of the Obsession Mastermind.

However, I’m not a monster! Life happens. So, you can miss one meeting out of the six without repercussion.

+ What if someone else in the group turns out to be awful?

My responsibility to you is to ensure there are no awful members of the group. I am very carefully selecting members for this Mastermind group to prevent awful humans from slipping in.

If an issue arises for you with another member, your responsibility to the group is to come to me to talk about it, so I can fix it. Not to be weird, but your Mastermind group is sacred—it must be a safe space for everyone involved. This is a value I hold dear.

+ Can you guarantee I’ll finish my copy by the end of the Mastermind?

The other group members and I will basically not let you get away with not finishing. I’d say “I dare you not to finish” but that’s the opposite of what I want to happen.

+ Do I have to be on video?

Yes. Giving and receiving feedback can be a very vulnerable experience. Being able to see each other’s faces is essential.

However, there is zero requirement to show up with perfect hair, face and/or makeup. The room you’re in can be a crazy mess of papers, toys, dirty dishes…basically, none of us care. Bring your messy, rumpled self! We will love you no matter what.

+ Will there be a recording of each meeting?

YES. That way, if you need to miss a meeting, you can catch up by watching it. And, some people do find it helpful to rewatch the meeting (especially the masterclass part).

+ Are you going make me read your poetry?

UGH, God no. I don’t write it anymore! I only told you about the poetry stuff so you would understand my incredible focus on word choice.


Schedule, timing, and just the facts, ma’am

  • The Obsession Mastermind will begin the first week of April 2019 and run through the end of June 2019.

  • There are 2 meetings per month, with each meeting taking place on a Zoom video call.

  • Each meeting is 2 hours long.

  • The 1st meeting of the month is a Masterclass. The 2nd meeting of the month is the Mastermind.

  • There are two, 90-minute private coaching sessions with me before and then after the Obsession Mastermind itself.

  • Day + time: One of the selection criteria is availability for the meetings. Right now we’re looking at 9:30-11:30 AM Eastern time. Now we just have to agree upon a day of the week.


Terms & Conditions  

It’s pretty simple:

  1. The Obsession Mastermind is the Hotel California. Once you’re in, you’re in, and you cannot leave.

  2. For that reason, there are zero refunds offered.

  3. Being “in” means you agree to attend at least 5 of the 6 meetings.

Because: without you, this won’t work.

And, honestly? Once you’ve discovered how exciting and USEFUL the Obsession Mastermind is, wild horses won’t be able to drag you away.