Obsession Eleven



A brand-new, red-hot, proprietary copywriting & editing process that takes average, bland, blah language & spins it into gold*.

*Which is absolutely a euphemism for money.


You’ve got a business.
And that business depends on your ability to sell its wares.
(Which admittedly feels kind of naughty.)
You need cold, hard words to sell your wares.

But there’s only one problem:


Ditto awkward, frustrating, time-consuming,
brain-bursting, and kinda sorta jerky.

Everything comes out sounding dime-a-dozen.
You’ve heard it 1,000 times before.
It makes you seem bland, boring and beige.

And you nearly put yourself to sleep reading your own tired, bloodless, cliché language on your website, sales page, or bio—nevermind an e-Book (because goodness forbid) or that speech you’ve been working on for months.

You need sharp, witty, interesting, well-written, smart and intriguing copy that makes products fly and services sing and people genuinely intoxicated with excitement to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

But – you’re not a copywriter. (Surprise!)
And you don’t have time to fool around.

And you need something put together yesterday.
And it needs to be brilliant. With a capital B. (Okay, fine, ALL CAPS.)



Words, engineered into obsessions.


Because what if they said yes?

What if your words stopped ‘em dead in their tracks?
What if they were instantly captivated?
And what if it made them covet your every move—and buy, buy, buy?

Would you sell more? (Mmhmmm.)
Would your profits go up? (We like that math.)
Would your influence go crazy? (Who wants to interview you now?)
And would you spread like wildfire across the Internet, and the seven seas, and all the iPhone can see?

Jenn Whinnem

Becoming an object of obsession doesn’t happen by chance—it happens through careful engineering.


Every word. Every emotion.
Every response.

Being “well-written” isn’t merely a luxury—it’s the difference between business, or death.


These things are odds-killers—and you can’t afford to throw your copy against the wall, first, and see what sticks.

You need to be magnetic. Irresistible. Unavoidable. And the person that everybody else wants a piece of.

The way you do that?

By putting your copy through a rigorous upleveling process I call OBSESSION ELEVEN.

Eleven tests.
Eleven principles.
Eleven ways to make your ideas sell and your words wow.

Because you can shout all you want—

But when you do it right, the ones who get heard only have to whisper.