Jenn Whinnem

Things to know about working with OBSESSION ELEVEN:

  1. Gouda is GOD.

  2. Current availability varies based on project type. If you're thinking of working with me, get in touch sooner rather than later.

  3. Discounts are offered to clients who commit early and decisively, thereby helping us keep our calendar in perfect working condition without hiccups and headaches. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking on all projects; however, for clients who wish to reserve by paying in full at the time of booking, a 11% discount will be offered. (Get it? 11%? Obsession Eleven? Yeahhhhh, baby.)



Do you have a question about a project? Not sure if this is the right word studio for you?

Please review our list of fees first to make sure that this is a good fit in the financial department (those silly finances), and then, assuming all is good on that front (and nobody’s knee caps need to be taken out), go ahead and email the following questions to, or complete the form below:

  • Name

  • Project Type

  • Desired Start Date

  • Question #1

  • Question #2

  • Question #3

  • Favorite mid-day snack

  • And finally, the #1 thing that would make you absolutely ecstatic about working together. What are you really hoping for, new friend? What do you like in particular about OBSESSION ELEVEN? And why do you think we’re clearly the best fit? (*wide grin*)

All other inquiries will be shipped to Alaska in a cardboard box.


Going to the liquor store for the box would be annoying.

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