My friend Rachael is breaking all the rules - and I helped

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Can you guess the #1 copy problem my Obsession Session clients have had?

Their websites.

Their websites make it nearly impossible to read the copy they have.

(The #2 problem is: not enough copy! More on that later)

If it’s hard to read your website, your copy doesn’t stand a chance. 

How your website design can crush you, according to science 

Your website design has a huge impact on whether or not your copy can succeed. 

You can take my word for it, because a year ago I read the UX expert consulting firm Nielsen Norman Group’s How People Read on the Web: The Eyetracking Evidence.

Yeah, NN/g tracked people’s eyes while they looked for information on different websites.

Hell yeah, that’s the kind of proof I love!

There really are best practices for how you put your information on your website. Your readers rely on cues from designers that signal “Hey! This part is important!”

The book has 360 pages of gaze plots, heatmaps and analysis, but the important points for now are:

  • People scan websites because it’s more efficient than reading--nobody has time to read every word on any website.

  • People scan a large block of text in an F-shaped pattern--meaning most of the words are NEVER read.

  • But when you break up your copy with headings, sub-headings, and spacing, people scan in a layer cake pattern--glancing at each heading and either skipping sections that don’t apply OR actually reading the text in a section that helps them

How I applied that science to Obsession Session clients’ web copy

My Obsession Session clients have typically suffered from one of two problems:

  • They didn’t have enough copy (one person only had 2 sentences; another had 98 words)

  • Or, they had enough copy, but it it was in big blocks that were falling victim to the F-gaze

The Obsession Eleven solution for both was:

  1. Taking a screenshot of their page, and marked it up with my completely high-tech solution of PowerPoint

  2. Walking them through it on a call

  3. Then, presenting a visual template I’d created just for each of them

Those visual templates showed them:

  • What information belongs on the page

  • How to organize that information into sections or chunks

  • How to format the copy to make it readable AF

But 4 times, the response was “This is great! But I’m trapped in a website template that won’t let me do this.”

I’m flexible; I suggested workarounds and then offered them a free, quick-and-dirty review of their new copy once they’d written it.

But still, UGHHHHHHHHHH. It sucks to be trapped in a bad website!

All 4 told me how much they wanted to get a new website...but it simply wasn’t in their budget.

Or they didn’t have time.

Or their personal lives were so complicated at the moment, they couldn’t even think about dealing with this until 2019.


This is where my rule-breaking friend Rachael comes in

Most people will tell you, “If you’re not a designer, don’t design your own website. You won’t look professional.” Hell, even I say that.

But Rachael Kay Albers, who runs the high-end website design and digital marketing firm RKA ink, is calling “Bullshit!” on that.


So she put together Let’s Do Launch*, a 6-week course that will walk you through:

  1. Designing your own website, using her proprietary DIY design tool that helps you easily build your own beautiful WordPress website.

  2. Building the foundation of your business so you can solidify your mission and vision, and choose the right business model.

  3. Creating your digital strategy, including your marketing blueprint, sales funnel, site map.

  4. Writing your own content - yes I am saying, “Let Rachael tell you what to write, and not me."

  5. Creating your visual identity (fonts, colors, and brand style guide).

And Rachael will be there every step of the way, using her deep expertise to guide you through the whole process. 

If your website is hungry for a facelift, you should totally Do Launch with Rachael

(womp womp)

Rachael-created websites run north of $20,000. (She’s reallyyyyy good).

Let’s Do Launch costs $1297.

But because this is her beta launch, you can get it for $497. You just have to sign up by 11/26/18 because the course starts 2 days later on 11/28/18.

*While I came up with the name, and yes I’m bragging when I say that, I get no kickbacks if you sign up for Let's Do Launch

I just think everybody deserves a website that helps them succeed in business. Period.

>>>>>>>Find out more about Let’s Do Launch and register for the course here:

Jenn Whinnem